Run Your CAR with Water (2 working Techniques)

Run Your Car with Water

Did you know that you can convert your car to a water-burning car? You can run your car on water, supplemental to gasoline, to increase your car's fuel efficiency and reduce your fuel costs significantly.

  • Works on gas or diesel powered cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. (Not tested on hybrids)
  • Your car will become at least 40% more fuel efficient and produce cleaner emissions.
  • Convert your car for the lowest price. Similar conversion kits cost up to $600 and up!
  • Works with plain tap water. No need for distilled water or special water additives!
  • We've simplified the process. The steps are easy, and the materials are affordable.
This ebook presents complete plans and detailed descriptions sufficient to build a workable water?hybrid system for your fuel?injected or carbureted motor vehicle. The technology contained herein has not been patented and has been placed in the public domain.

This has been done in hopes of discouraging suppression of this knowledge but, even more importantly, to encourage the open flow of information relating to water?hybrids. We encourage you to help your friends and family with their own conversions once you have grasped the principles and techniques yourself. We also urge you to explore the FREE resources we have provided to you on our download page, as these may give you additional ideas, particularly if you seek a more custom solution or want to explore additional ways to accomplish your water?hybrid goals. If you decide to become involved with your own conversion project, or just want to offer advise, an opinion, or constructive criticism on how to improve these concepts, please feel free to contact, William S. Power, the architect of the original plans this book is based on. He will do his best to get back with you, but he can’t guarantee an instant response. Sometimes he’s away from the office weeks at a time; testing and perfecting new concepts, or just chasing down parts.

More info and download link for this 2 ebooks can be found at Here.