Najwa Karam - Saherni

Najwa Karam - Saharni

Year: 2003
Genre: Arabian
Quality: 256 Kbps
Info: Najwa Karam has never released an album without a hit, but Saharni is without a doubt one of the most memorable albums she ever released. The album, with six songs composed by Wissam El Amir at his peak, and one by Imad Shamseddine, is Lebanese music at its best. The album is best known for the mega-hits Saharni, Edhak Lel Dounya, and Ketr El Dalal, but you won't regret listening to the other four songs.

Track List:

  1. Saharni (Charmed)
  2. Lehbayeb (The loved one)
  3. Edhak Lil Dounya (Smile to the world)
  4. Chou el-Maneh (Do you mind?)
  5. Ma'houra Alayk (I feel sorry for you)
  6. Hak el-Layali (Those nights)
  7. Ketr el-Dalal (Playing hard to get)
  8. Saharni (Instrumental)

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