Ballads Of The Cliché - Evergreen

Ballads Of The Cliché - Evergreen

Year: 2007
Genre: Pop, Folk
Quality: 192 Kbps

Ballads of the Cliché are a folk pop collective based in Jakarta. The band was founded back in 2004 when five old fellas reunited by their common interest in music. The band became an eight-pieced band since 2006, when they decided to make their long-served additional musicians as their permanent member and recorded their long awaited debut album, Evergreen.

Track List:

01. Snapshot of Serenity
02. Friend's Guide
03. Feel Free to Feel Lost
04. French Riviera
05. Back in the Old Days
06. Hot Chocolate
07. Love Parade
08. Old Friend
09. Light of Hope
10. Season of Joy
11. Heidi
12. Coffee Shop (One in a Million Love Songs)
13. Distant Star

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