MP3 Collector Pro v2.3.1

With this software, you can Catalog, tag and rename your audio files, Organize all music files on your computer, Find songs quickly and easily, Edit the Artist / Title data in your tags, Rename your music files automatically, etc.

Key features:

  • Catalog your audio files automatically
  • Create a personal MP3 database by letting the program scan your harddisk and CDs. It will automatically add the audio files to the database, reading artist and title information from tags or filenames
  • Edit ID3/WMA/APE/OGG tags, one by one or in batch
  • Use the built-in tagger to modify the artist, title, genre information (and more) in your file tags. The Batch Tagger lets you set this data for many files in one go.

Batch rename your files using tag data
Rename files automatically using tag or database information, according to a filename format that you specify.

Instantly sort your lists On any field, e.g. alphabetically by artist, title or bitrate.

Search your file database E.g. find a track by title or find all files with a low bitrate.

This program support the following audio file formats: MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, APE, Flac and WAV.

You can get this MP3 Tools at Here.