VirtualDJ 5.0 for Pro DJ

VirtualDJ is the only existing solution today to let you mix and scratch smoothly any kind of music video.

VirtualDJ is compatible with any kind of video file: DVD, DivX, xvid, Mpeg1/2/4, avi, wmv, mov, vob, etc... Its SubFrame engine automatically raises the sampling frequency in order to provide a perfectly smooth scratch even at low speed.

VirtualDJ offers dozen of video transitions and effects specially thought for a DJ use. VirtualDJ video is compatible with the timecoded records, making it the only solution letting you scratch music videos from a turntable. When you play a track without video in it, VirtualDJ can play computer-generated images in rhythm with the music, or display static images of your choice.

With timecode vinyls you can scratch and mix videos just as if they where on vinyls! VirtualDJ used with its timecoded records can scratch videos directly on your traditional turntable. All you have to do is play the special VirtualDJ record, and everything goes as if you had "downloaded" your videos inside this special record.It's simply magic!

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RAR Password If Ask: iFoxi